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223 Remington 55gr GameKing BTHP by Federal Ammunition

223 Rem. 55Gr. BTHP/20

Usage: Varmints, predators, small game
BTHP: Boat-Tail Hollow Point

Squeezing the trigger, unleashing bullets with amazing speed and, shot after shot, witnessing their incredible accuracy. That's what you're out there for. Varmint hunters are a special breed, and Federal Premium V-Shok is their special line of centerfire and rimfire ammunition. V-Shok delivers nothing short of sizzling velocities. You know what the "V" stands for. "Shok" means devastating impact every time.

Sierra GameKing: 
Long-range hunters insist on Sierra GameKing. It's designed with a precisely tapered, boat-tail shape that reduces drag and delivers high down-range velocity, less wind drift, flat trajectory and unmatched accuracy in reaching distant game.

20 Rounds Per Box

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